Just Added to the New Website

I've spent this beautiful, warm morning embedding videos into some of the Band Pages of the new website. Why? Because I love our Gold Coast bands, that's why, and I want to do everything in my power to get the word out that our Tri-counties area was the birthplace of some of the greatest bands to ever grace a garage, that's why!

This week, my goal is to hunt down as many videos as I can, although each page will have only one, sorry! But if you have a YouTube channel, I'll be more than pleased to link to it in the Relevant Links & Sources column. If you have a video you'd like to appear on your band's page, just send me the URL.

Here are the pages I worked on today:

Big Brother Ernie Joseph
The Biscaynes
Blue Wood
California Grassfield
The Calliope
Children of the Mushroom
Chiyo & the Crescents
The Colony
The Crystal Circus
David Marks & the Marksmen
The Dovers
Ernie and The Emperors
The Giant Crab
Rabbit MacKay
The Mixtures
The Moon
The Revels
The Sentinals
Something Wild
The Tim Buley Blues Band
The Tridents
Tripsichord Music Box
The Yankee Dollar

Have a great week!