You Are 100 Kinds of Awesome!

Just a quick post to thank all of you who have been so kind as to help me while I establish this site. You're being more patient with me that I imagined, me with my questions and my wanting to drag you out of the now to stroll down Memory Lane with me. I love reading your emails about your experiences and how your bands got started. Reading your stories, it's clear that there were two main dynamics at play: Music and Friendship. And what's better than that?

I've been up late most nights researching, sorting, and posting new info on the Gallery of Bands page and, thanks to you, I'm able to piece the dry facts together with the stories and pictures, which make your bands very real and personal to me. In fact, when I read one of your emails, I have a hard time not seeing you as you were in the past! I have to remind myself that we're all a bit older now. Still, that's what makes this so much fun: that we're still in love with the music, the youthful optimism, and the sense that anything can happen!

So big thanks to all of you Gold Coast bands. You're 100 kinds of Awesome!