The Time It Is Today

Wade Johnson
One of the best things that's resulted from creating this blog is meeting people. I saw some of these bands play years ago and had forgotten their names. Now, as the information starts to come in, I'm remembering so much.

I remember spending a fun evening with the Radical Five when they came to play at The Barn in Santa Ynez back in, I think, 1966. My friends and I were sitting at a table together, dressed in our Mod threads (which included mini-skirts that we hemmed up even shorter in the restroom because our moms would let us out of the house if they reached more than three inches above our knees), and the band came over to sit with us during their breaks. That was exciting and so-o-o much fun!

More recently, I've been communicating a lot with Wade Johnson, who was the drummer for the Thousand Oaks band, the BluCoats. Well, as our correspondence went on, we found out--much to our delight and surprise--that we'd actually met once or twice in 1972 when I jammed with him and his friends at their house! Now we're talking like old friends and reminiscing about the Ventura County music scene back then. We've friended each other on Facebook and he's given me access to his photos to use on this blog. What a great guy he is! And still a hard working musician, playing in three bands.

It's exciting to image who else I may meet through this blog, who I've forgotten and who I may have met in the past. I hope that it will do the same for you!