BandTree 5 Has Already Begun!

Gary Meinhold & Jim Rolfe at last
night's Kickoff Party.
I really can't believe an entire year has passed since I sat in Draughts, enjoying all the great groups at BandTree. I can't be there this year, but next year? For sure!

Here's the lineup. I wouldn't take it too seriously, though, because this is loose group of guys who are liable to coax an old bandmate onstage who just happens to show up on a whim. And I see they've left a large margin at the end of the schedule. BandTree 5 doesn't end until 10pm, and even then it's liable to go on until closing time!

My big curiosity concerning this year's fest? How will Wally top last year's hair-do?

12:30 - The Copy Cats
1:00 - Thunder Creek
1:50 - Just Sound
2:05 - Dean Delorezo
2:20 - Cast Of A Thousand play
3:00 - Wade Johnson
3:15 - L.A. Blackouts
4:05 - Spider Webb
4:55 - Chuck Sternburg
5:45 - The Rest
6:35 - Rich Severson & After Ours
7:25 - Travel Agency
8:15 - TBD

See my post of last week to see who else may be appearing.

If you live anywhere in the Ventura/LA/Santa Barbara counties, you really should make the drive to Thousand Oaks to attend. You won't be sorry. Thanks to BluCoats drummer Wade Johnson for the photo!

398 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA