Lineup for BandTree 5

A great group of musicians has been slated to perform at BandTree 5. I saw a lot of these people at last year's reunion and I can safely say I've never been more surrounded by so much awesome talent. Tell me where else you're going to get 10 solid hours of great music for five bucks! For more information about this years's BandTree, please see my earlier post. Meanwhile, here's the lineup!

On the Main Stage:
  • Blackouts (Gary Meinhold, Wendy Ridgway, Adam Smith and Jim Rolfe)
  • Bleu Forest (Jack Caviness, Mark Holland, Bil MCombe, Kevin Foster and Don Leonard)
  • Cast Of A Thousand (Steve Stewart, Keith Heins, Wally Stoltze, Jim Rolfe and Mark Hanson)
  • Chuck Sternburg (Chuck Sternburg with Tom Boyce, Mike Claxton and Jim Rolfe)
  • The Copycats (featuring Dean DeLorenzo)
  • Endless Night (with Robin Riggs and Bill Suputo)
  • Frank "Buster" Akrey (with Mike Pinera and others TBA)
  • Just Sound (featuring Ron Leblanc, Paul Sternburg, Mike Claxton and Jim Rolfe)
  • Pat Flynn Band (may merge with the Rich Severson Group)
  • The Rest (Dana Bailey with Matt Schaffer and Tom Boyce and others TBA)
  • Rich Severson Group (with Boyd Cannon)
  • Thunder Creek (featuring Bil McCombe and Kevin Foster)
  • Travel Agency (Will Alger and Ed McGee)
  • Trouser Trout (Wade Johnson, Dale Poune, Spider Webb and Pat Van Auken)
On the Acoustic Stage:
  • Wade Johnson (formerly of the BluCoats)
  • Bil McCombe (formerly of Blue Veil and Burgundy Flyte)
  • Rich Severson (formerly of After Ours, the California Grassfield and the Unsound Souls)

Guest appearance by Joel Larson (drummer with the Grass Roots and
Merry-Go-Roundand a possible appearance
by Dennis Tufano of the Buckinghams.