A Teaser

Pssst... Guess what's coming to the Gold Coast over Labor Day Weekend? No details at this time, but I think, if you keep your eyes on this website, some info may be leaked very soon. Hoping so, anyway.

I'm already making plans to attend this event as both a birthday pressie to myself and a chance to interview some of the musicians for my book.

Hey... does that mean I can write it off as a business expense? Let's order champagne!

P.S. While you're waiting for Band Tree, why not join the event's Facebook page?


Dennis Swanson said…
Jim Rolfe does a fantastic job organizing this event.
SK Waller said…
Can't wait to meet up with everyone!
Cathy Swain said…
I sure hope we will be able to meet up while you are here that would so fantastic!
SK Waller said…
@Dennis: Thanks! He emailed me and has asked me if I'd like to help; I told him to just let me know how, and I'll do it!

@Cathy: I'll be in and around SB from 9/3-9/7 (I'll be leaving on the 7th). I'd love to meet up with you!