Keeping in Touch

Now that winter is closing in on us (maybe our Tri-Counties will be blessed with a little rain...PLEASE?), I want to remind you to visit The CGCD Webpage for info and pix on all of your favorite bands. There's a lot of stuff over there, but I can always use more!

Also, don't forget to send in your upcoming gigs information. The Gigs Page gets a little lonely and I know a lot of your guys are still out there making the music happen!

Meanwhile, here's a pic Wade Johnson (BluCoats) posted of Gary Plyly's house ("Jam Central"), taken in February 1972. And guess what? I'm in the pic. You can barely see me in my pale green shirt. (Click to enlarge.) From left to right: Patrick Van Auken, Charity Carter, SK Waller, (unknown), Larry Wiseman, Gary Plyly, (unknown). If you know those other two guys' names, please leave them in a comment.

Stay warm and keep on keepin' on!