A New Blog: A Giant Crab Comes Forth!

Ernie, Brian, Kenny, Cory, and Denny
Author and Giant Crab historian James A. Gardner has created a blog, A Giant Crab Comes Forth! I think it's really worth a visit.

I met James a couple of years ago when he emailed me about how to get in touch with band leader Ernie Orosco for a book he was writing, and we set out on a satisfying online friendship. It was great to learn someone else loved the music of Giant Crab (and other Orosco brothers groups) as much as I did! So check out the blog. It's always nice to see a Gold Coast group get noticed by someone on the "outside".

(P.S. I think James' dedication should qualify him as an honorary Gold Coast citizen!


Michelle said…
I remember them when they were still Ernie & the Emperors!