Summer has officially arrived and, naturally, our memory begins taking us back to those carefree days in the California sun when our greatest worries included tan lines and surf board wax. I spent most of my afternoons on a blanket in our backyard with my radio set to KRLA while "The Hullabalooer" Dave Hull played the latest hits by the Beatles and so many other great artists. But those days aren't gone! You can hear the same great music right here on the web!

One of my Facebook and Twitter friends, Gerry Wendell, who has headed up the Groovy Reflections enterprise for a number of years, has an internet radio station called Groovy Reflections Radio. I just prefer to call it GRR!!!

So head over there and give it a listen. Then, Like the Facebook page and Follow the Twitter page. I just wish I could get it in my car!


Gerry Wendel said…
Thanks for the mention Sk! Just happened to do a search to see who picked up the latest GR / GRR press release and found your blog post!
Gerry Wendel said…
You CAN get Groovy Reflections Radio in your car! Download winamp on your smartphone and plug it on into your car and enjoy the GRoovy tunes!
SK Waller said…
I thought of that after I posted. Thanks! :)