I Got Yer BandTree for Ya

Just Sound
Want some? Well, you'll be getting a lot in the next few days. Let's start out with a video clip of Just Sound performing Wipe Out. The last time these original members performed this song was in 1965 at Weathersfield Elementary school in Thousand Oaks.

The band really got the house worked up with this song; I can't remember the last time I heard it live by anyone, and these guys rocked it!

  • Jim Rolfe: lead guitar
  • Randy Ingalls: guitar
  • Paul Sternburg: guitar
  • Mike Wellington/Claxton: drums
  • Ron LeBlanc: bass

More to come! If you shot a video that you'd like to see posted here, email me. If you want to keep up with BandTree 4 (and BandTree 5, which people are already starting to beg for) check out the official Facebook page.

Many thanks to Jim Rolfe for posting this exciting video. Love ya Jim!