BandTree 4 Lineup

Here's a list of the artists who will be performing at the 2012 BandTree Reunion. I'm told this will be updated a few times as the date of the event draws nearer, so check back to see any changes. For more information, click HERE.
  • Alpha - Matt Schaffer, Mike Peritz, Tom Boyce, Tom Morrisey, Torre
  • The Blucoats - Tom Boyce, Wade Johnson, Jim Peretti, and sub Bil McCombe
  • Chuck Sternburg - Chuck Sternberg, Jim Rolfe, Tom Boyce, Mike Claxton (Wellington)
  • Dana Bailey - Dana Bailey, Tom Boyce, Matt Schaffer, Larry Wiseman?
  • Just Sound - Jim Rolfe, Ron LeBlanc, Mike Claxton (Wellington),Paul Sternburg, Randy Ingalls. (Oldest band attending at this time. Circa 1965.)
  • Larry "Spider" Webb - Spider, Doug Ochsner
  • The Travel Agency - Ed McGee, Will Alger, Steve Stewart, Ken Cox
  • The Unsound Souls - Gary Meinhold, Rich Severson, Boyd Cannon, and sub Jim Rolfe
I've also heard that there will be an acoustic stage as well as the usual electric. Very cool!