Happy Birthday Ernie!

Of all the great bands that came out the the tri-counties, Ernie and the Emperors stood head and shoulders above most of them, and at the forefront of that band stood Ernie Joseph (Orosco), a brilliant guitarist, singer, songwriter, and showman.

But what's probably the best thing is that Ernie was--and still is--a wonderful human being who has always lived according to his high personal ethics. He has always shared his spotlight happily and without reservation and has never hesitated to lend a helping hand to his fellow musicians in the studio, on the stage, and personally. I am honored to count him among my closest friends.

Happy Birthday dear friend!

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3. Ernie and the Emperors


Cathy Swain said…
Ernie, Happy Birthday my world would not be the same without you in it. You havethe kindness,spirit and love for all you touch.