Happy Birthday Sammy Labastida!

Sammy Labastida was the founder and lead guitarist of the Sharkais, of Santa Maria. His was a hardworking dance band that played all over the Tri-Counties, providing some stiff competition for groups like Ernie and the Emperors and other popular bands. Their fans loved them! I know because I was there and at nearly every gig they played. Sammy and I dated for a number of years and we're still friends.

Sammy, his sons Jason and Ryan, and two of the band's original members, Bobby Labastida and Ponce Ularte (who was with Just Four) continue to perform in the Santa Maria area under the name, Sammy Labastida Jazz N Blues. Sammy also owns a music studio with a student list numbering near 50.

Happy Birthday, dear Sammy. May your day be bright and the year ahead prosperous!