Happy Birthday, Ponce Ularte!

Hailing from the Santa Maria/Lompoc area, Ponce Ularte played drums with the Just Four, who were represented by the Reginald Lindsey Agency. They performed at Disneyland, the Rose Gardens in Pismo Beach, the Royal Dolphin Club in Solvang, the Roller Gardens in Oxnard, the Teen Club at Vandenberg, and many other places around the tri-counties. Sharing the stage with groups that included the Impacts, the Sentinals, the Biscaynes, and the Stingrays, they eventually gained well-deserved notoriety and became the backup band for Maury Amsterdam, Don Knotts, the Four Freshmen, and the Coasters. That's Ponce on the far left, with Just Four.

Later, Ponce joined the Sharkais, bringing with him his boyish good looks and energetic drumming style.

I was happy to consider Ponce one of my friends in those days. He was, and remains, a great guy.

These days he plays with the Sammy Labastida (founder of the Sharkais) Jazz n Blues band and still lives in northern Santa Barbara County.

Happy Birthday Ponce! Without you, this site would never have happened!