There still are a number of bands that I need information about.

C'mon, guys, I know you're out there and I know you have the info. And most of you are from Ventura County, which is also where I'm from, so you can't hide from me!

If you were a member of one of these bands, or know their whereabouts, please contact me. Use the comments or email me. It doesn't matter.

Here's the list. To find out what info I need, just click the Gallery of Bands tab and scroll alphabetically.

Blue Veil (vc)
Blue Wood (vc)
Burgundy Flyte (vc)
The Calliope (sbc)
The Chances (vc)
The Colony (vc)
Colours (vc)
The Court Jesters (vc)
Dave Marks & the Marksmen (vc)
Just Sound (vc)
The Last Generation(sbc)
The Moon (vc)
The Noteables (sbc)
The Psychedelics (vc)
The Radical Five (sbc)
The Torkays (vc)
Tripsichord Music Box (sbc)
The Undertakers (vc)
The Undertakers (sbc)

Love to you all!