And Away We Go!

I'm so excited about this blog! Recently, I've been brought into contact with a great number of people and bands from the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo counties, known to us as the Tri-Counties of the California Gold Coast. We've sent emails, private messages and phone calls, sharing our memories of those great years between 1960 and 1970 and the one thing that comes right through is how much we enjoyed the music back then.

When most sites and blogs discuss the music of the Sixties, they focus mainly on bands from L.A. and San Francisco. Well, they were great and exciting too, but in my ongoing research for my rock and roll novel, I find few websites about the local bands that I listened to, danced to, and knew. I think that needs to be fixed and I'm just the chick to do it! Give me a week or so to get up all the stuff I have--you're going to love it.

I intend not only to jog your memory about these cool musicians, I'll also keep you updated about what some of them are doing today and where you can catch their current gigs. You'll be surprised at how many have stayed in the area and are still rockin' the audiences. And if you weren't around back then, but you love the music, join us as we trip back in time!

If you have any information, stories, photos, videos, gig dates, and etc. that you'd like to share, please do so! (I even welcome guest bloggers--the possibilities are endless!) And let me know if you'd like me to link to your blog or site! Simply click the Contact tab at the top of the page and fire me an email.

Have a great summer, wherever you are! Next entry will be posted in a day or two... you know you wanna come back...
SK Waller


Dennis Swanson said…
Very Nice Blog!!

Dennis - drummer
Children of the Mushroom 1967
SK Waller said…
Thanks so much, Dennis. Your endorsement means a great deal to me. Please feel free to correct any misinformation I might have.
Dennis Swanson said…
Your doing an awesome job :)
Wade Johnson said…
Hi! Really enjoying the site and seeing old friends from other bands as well. Great job! I'll send some pictures from "The Blucoats" in about a week (after I get back from vacation).

Wade Johnson
Drums & Vocals
The Blucoats
Thousand Oaks, CA.
SK Waller said…
Thanks so much Wade. Your help in this has really been valuable!